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Ok so I’m guessing that I owe everyone an explanation for not updating my blog. When I first started this blog I was able to update it pretty much whenever needed because work was really slow. Well, since my last post, I have been pretty busy and haven’t been able to update it. And right now as I am starting this blog, I just got another project on my desk. Its always good to stay busy… but then I never get my blog updated!!

Oh ya and…. MY CAMERA BROKE!!! I usually keep my camera in my purse so that on the chance that Garron is making a funny face while watching TV, I would be able to snap a quick photo (he hates that). Or just whenever I need it.  I don’t (or I didn’t) have a case for it but I kept it in my purse anyway. When we were in Mexico for our honeymoon, I dropped it off the 4-wheeler and the zoom button fell off, but it still was taking pictures. But then, just before 4th of July (I know forever ago!), it just stopped working. The screen when black and I couldn’t even look at the pictures I had already taken. So it DIED!!! It was a sad day.

So many things have been going on that I don’t even know where to start. For the most part, Garron and I still sit at home at night, eat dinner (on the couch) and watch Without A Trace or CSI Las Vegas. It really is our favorite thing to do. Occasionally, we will go out to a movie or go over to his parent’s house, one time we even went on a walk, but for the most part we are just enjoying our time together and being at home.

I will try and fill you all in on the events of recent days.

July 4th weekend- Garron and I went up to my parent’s house (in Highland, Utah) for the annual 4th of July event. On our way into town we went to Uncle Gordon’s duplex for the 3rd of July BBQ and fireworks. The park next to the house always has fireworks and booths set up and it’s a Combs’ tradition to partake in the festivities. **Funny Side Note**- When Garron and I met (6 years ago) our first date was this same event. I met his whole extended family and had a blast! It was so fun to revisit that day. Once we helped all the cousins settle in at the park, Garron and I left for my parent’s house. They were waiting up for us when we arrived and it was SO good to see them. We chatted for a bit and then went to bed (details, details, so important! Right Mom?). The next day we spent with Hellbusch family at Raging Waters and it was so fun to have friends and family to chat with. That night we had a late dinner (8:30) and then fireworks. My dad and Grandpa went to Wyoming last year to get the BIG Fireworks however, they didn’t use all of them last year. So this year we got quite the show. We were a little scared that my dad, husband, and grandpa were going to jail. But we conquered the law!!! Haha. All in all we had a WONDERFUL time.


As some of you know, my parents own a water park in Salt Lake City, Utah. Its called Raging Waters. Well they are planning to open Memorial Weekend. So its pretty busy and hectic at my house these next few weeks. Its two weeks and countdown! Hopefully the weather will cooperate! Today my mom said it was cold and rainy. It makes it harder for people to want to book parties and get together when its not hot and sunny. People just dont think about peeling off the clothes when its 40 degress and its rainy. But if any of you live in Salt Lake or have friends and family there, mention Raging Waters. Its always fun to go and let the kids swim in their huge kiddy area or for Birthday Parties or Family get togethers. Its a blast!


My family has owned Raging Waters for 11 years. I have pretty much grown up there and it never gets old. My family used to own a water park in California (Wild Rivers) but sold it about 12 years ago and bought this one in Salt Lake City. My grandfather has been in the waterpark business all of his life (from my knowledge) and now just runs the Gift Shop that we have at Raging Waters. This summer make sure to go at least once! Email me for information.




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