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Kallie is loving life in St. George. She has already been to the lake with some of her new friends. We are all so proud of her. I thought I would post some pictures for you all to see. Enjoy.

Her last day of work, some of the employees (my mom and sister and the supervisors) decorated Kallies office all in Blue (to be explained).

The door to her Office

Entering her office.

Her office floor.

The sign says ” We’re so BLUE That its your last day!”

Everything was decorated in Blue because everyone was “so BLUE”

Kallie and Shelby drove together to St. George. Mom and Grandma were in front. Abby (me) was behind, all alone!!

This is her new bedset.

This is my Mom trying to cover the closet. Kallie wants to eventually hang something to cover it.

Me, Shelby, Kallie, Mom and Grandma- all saying goodbye.

Kallie and Shelby saying goodbye. They really have become best friends. It was hard for them to say bye.


Kallie and Shelby and Me and Kallie.

We had so much fun seeing Kallie off. Good luck Kallie. We love you!


**Sorry the pictures are so small. Its the best I could do.**


August 15-17th

So this weekend has been a very busy one. Garron is starting his new job on Monday (8/18th) and so we needed to get him to Salt Lake (Highland) this weekend. So, Garron and I left Friday after work to Utah. He ended up getting in around 12:30 AM. It was a long drive!! Then Saturday morning we were up at 8am to go look at a house. The first house we looked at was in SunCrest. It is on the mountain that separates Alpine from Draper (that is my understanding). It was a 3-bedroom townhouse and after looking at it we both had mixed feelings. We headed back to my parents for a bridal shower that my mom was throwing for her friends daughter that happens to be one of my friends as well; Callie Crosby. We had a BLAST at the shower and after everyone left, Garron, my mom and me went to go look at some more homes. We stopped for lunch and headed out to Eagle Mountain. For anyone that hasn’t been out there… GO. It is beautiful. We looked at a 3 bedroom 2 bath home that was BEAUTIFUL. I feel in love with it the moment I walked into it. It is right on the Ranches Golf Course (my dad and grandpa love that) and it is about 15mins west of Lehi. After this home we went to Saratoga Springs (which is also beautiful) to look at a town home. The town home had 3 bedrooms and a community clubhouse with a pool. It was really beautiful but compared to the house it doesn’t come close. I love that the house feels more like a home and it really felt like that is where we will start our family. Once we move I will be sure and post pictures of the new house.

After we looked at the homes, we went back to my parents and got all packed up. Kallie and Shelby had already left, the Grandma and Mom, and then I left about an hour later. Kallie and Shelby stopped for food so then Grandma and Mom were in the lead. We were all heading for St. George to move Kallie down there for her 2nd year of college (1st at Dixie). Once we got to St. George we had dinner then headed over to Kallie’s to unload the cars. That went by really fast, thanks to some boys that helped sped things up. After that we went to the hotel and went to bed.

The next morning (Sunday) we woke up, had breakfast and headed to the store. We had such a fun time getting all of her groceries and everything she needed for her little home. We had lunch after and then Kallie and I headed to the Apartment to unload and to decorate. We really had so much fun doing all of this together. It made me thankful for the times when I had to share a home with 6 other girls that were CRAZY (don’t ask). Those times prepared me for my husband… haha. Her room is SO cute and she did such a great job this summer saving for her new experience in college.

Good luck Kallie. You are in our prayers and we are so proud of you!!!! Love you!

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