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Well we are moving…. Its a long story that I will post tomorrow when I am a little more awake but I wanted to post these pictures.

7.6.09 House 001

Right when you walk in

7.6.09 House 002

Hallway to family room

7.6.09 House 004

Family Room and part of the Dinning Area

7.6.09 House 005

My Favorite part… The Kitchen

7.6.09 House 006

Another picture of the Kitchen

7.6.09 House 011

Master Bedroom

7.6.09 House 012

Master Bathroom

7.6.09 House 013

Master Bathroom

We took a ton more pictures of the additional two rooms and the additional two bathrooms, however this is taking FOREVER to load so I will leave you with a picture of the front of the home.

Lehi Townhome

We really love this home. We are sad to leave Eagle Mountain however we know that this move is for the best. Finding this home has also made it easier to make the move. 🙂




I really dont know where to begin. So much has happened recently and since the last time I posted that I dont know what to post. So be patient as I get back into the blogging world!!!

First things first….


This little bird will be paying us a visit sometime in September. Yep thats right… We are pregnant! We found out January 7th. We told Garron’s family that night and the next day, but my family was out of town and so we waited till the following Sunday (about 4 days later) to tell them in a fun way.

The story…

We invited my family over for dinner that night. We usually get together for dinner at my parents but we wanted to share the news here so we had everyone over. A couple of days before that, I told my mom we had a fun game that we wanted to play that Garron used to play in scouts! That day was also fast Sunday and obviously I couldn’t fast but Garron was fasting about his job which later I was explaining to my family and I kept having to watch what I was saying to include me in the fast even though I didnt fast…. Did that make sense to anyone??

So after dinner we split everyone into two groups and explained that the game was to pop the ballons and get the papers inside. The first team to figure what the saying was, would win. My family is really competitive so it was hilarious to watch them run back and fourth to the ballons and find the papers and try and figure it out. The papers would spell out… “WE ARE HAVING A BABY”. Once they got to the baby pary (the words were scattered and out of order) my family FREAKED out!!! It was so fun and such a great memory to have.

3.31.09 212

3.31.09 213

3.31.09 203

This is how we are feeling.. a little!

We are SO excited to bring this little one into the world! Its been a rough ride with the pregnancy, however we can’t wait to meet our little baby!


Well some of you may know (I blog like a ton of people read this!!), my Grandparents are sending the family to…. drom roll….. HAWAII!!! We will be on the island of Kauai.

I  have never been to Hawaii and therefore, I am so excited. Garron has been I believe twice and my entire family has been at least once so now its my turn!!! My Grandparents are celebrating their 50th anniversary and decided to send everyone. They are flying everyone out, paying for the accomodations and rental cars, and I have a feeling that most of our meals will be covered by them. We are so grateful for my Grandparents. I love them so much! They have always been a major influence in my life and I appreciate the honorable people they are.

We leave for our trip in 11 days on Feb. 3rd and we are there for an entire week. Im looking forward to catching up on my rest and my sun-tan! Im trying to think of an idea for their gift but I am coming up short… Any ideas?


Here are the Grandparents during Christmas. They are full of energy and we love it!


kauai-beach    kauai-island

Well for those of you who read our blog, you know that we are moving to Utah. I have been a little slack with posting details so I applogize. Here is an update.

We have been struggling with our Property Managers with getting out of our lease. I know that by leaving the premises before April 2009 we are in breach of our contract but they are being a little ridiculous. Once we mentioned the word “move” they started sending us emails and letters telling us that we WILL NOT get our deposit back (which I already knew), and we have to pay some additional fees. We have to pay to get the carpets cleaned which they told us would be about 100-200 dollars and also a “Releasing Fee” of $450!! I was so mad. I just thought that they were trying to get all the money they could from us before we left. Also, if we left the property and stopped paying rent, then they can hurt our credit for the what we didnt pay on our remaining lease. I was so frustrated and worried as to what to do.

I posted about us looking for renters a while ago at the slim chance we would have someone interested. Well, a long time friend of Garrons, Sara Young, contacted us and wanted to see the house. Both her and her hubby, Ryan, loved the house the minute they saw it. We were excited that we didnt have to worry about our credit and that we would have someone to take over or sign a new lease on our property.

After long talks with Garron and Jared, our brother-in-law who is an attorney, we contacted the property management with the Youngs name and number. The Property Managment company had the Young family fill out an application and they GOT APPROVED!

We also are getting our “Good Faith Deposit” back, thanks to Garron putting up a fight!

So we are moving to Utah in about 2 weeks. Its crazy to think that I wont be driving the streets of Las Vegas anymore. To think that we are leaving sun for snow and Nevada for Utah is very bittersweet. I think I will always love Vegas, for many reasons, but for the fact that Garron and I started our family here. We had our first home together in this area and experiences so many “Firsts” here. I love Utah and they are so many good things about this move, however, there are many sad things about leaving Las Vegas.

Here are some photos of our new home in Eagle Mountain, Utah. For all you family and friends, we will be having a house warming party in the upcoming weeks.

The view from the front. It looks small but wait till you get inside!

This is our Family Room, complete with hardwood floors and a fireplace! It huge too!

My BEAUTIFUL Kitchen! It is absolutely my favorite. (the fridge will be there when we get there). Also, the hardwood floors continue through the main floor.

This is a hallway that leads to the laundry room. The stairs lead to the basement. In the hall is this build in cabinet that has two computer stations with drawers. Great for when our kids start doing homework!

Last but not least…

The Laundy Room. The room is HUGE!! It will be really nice to have somewhere to keep all of our laundry soap and accesories.

Well thats the house. We are both really excited and cant wait to get all moved in and settled into our new home. I will post pictures once we move with the rooms and bathrooms and such. Enjoy for now!

I thought I would write now about Garron’s schedule for the past 3 weeks.

He has been gone for what seems like forever, but I manage to get by. Most of my nights are spent in front of the TV for 4 or 5 hours at a time. All the while, wondering what I can eat next. I miss my Garrbear a ton but I know that once he is home, he will be home for an entire week. Also, from now on he should only go out for one week then be home for another.

So he started in North Dakota


Then he traveled to New Jersey


Then we thought he was going here


But instead he went here:


Each day he does two presentations, one at noon and the other at 6pm. Once they are done with those they usually have dinner, go back to the hotel room or drive to the next town, and then do paperwork. They have to enter some information into the computer and then they can go to bed. Garron usually doesn’t actually go to bed until about 1am. Then they are back up the next day around 8 or 9am.

I love that he is such a hard worker and that he is doing this all for his family. By him working at this new company we are able to start a family soon (which I cant wait for!!). Of course not too soon though.

Thanks babe for all you do for us.

Sunday for Garron was a long and stressful day. He had to fly from North Dakota to Minnesota then to Cincinnati then to New Jersey. Well the first flight went off great. But the second flight was where all the trouble started.

When the pilot went to land the plane, the winds on the ground were around 80mph!! Obviously they couldn’t land the plane and so they continued to fly to another airport in Ohio because they were running low on fuel. Once they landed, there was no indication on the flight plans. Garron said that everyone was so upset and were trying to get answers and couldn’t get any. They ended up staying IN THE PLANE and ON THE RUNWAY for a little over 6 HOURS!!! I know for sure I WOULD GO CRAZY!!!

Well they finally took off to the original airport (which was only a 18 minute flight). Once they got there Garron went to the desk to see how to get to New Jersey. They said that he had to RUN as fast as he could to a certain gate and get on that plane. He ran as fast as he could (he ran in high school, he pretty fast) and when he got there is was just like out of a movie. The lady shut the door on his face, so to speak. He wasn’t able to board. So he was then on Standby for another flight.

Long story short, he got on the plane and headed to New Jersey. The drama doesn’t stop here because his luggage went to New York. From here things get a little hazy. Garron didn’t tell me all of the details. But I think they drove into New York and the luggage wasn’t there and Delta didn’t know where it was. So today he had to go and buy clothes and wait for his luggage to show up. I guess…. UGH!!!

Sorry honey!

August 15-17th

So this weekend has been a very busy one. Garron is starting his new job on Monday (8/18th) and so we needed to get him to Salt Lake (Highland) this weekend. So, Garron and I left Friday after work to Utah. He ended up getting in around 12:30 AM. It was a long drive!! Then Saturday morning we were up at 8am to go look at a house. The first house we looked at was in SunCrest. It is on the mountain that separates Alpine from Draper (that is my understanding). It was a 3-bedroom townhouse and after looking at it we both had mixed feelings. We headed back to my parents for a bridal shower that my mom was throwing for her friends daughter that happens to be one of my friends as well; Callie Crosby. We had a BLAST at the shower and after everyone left, Garron, my mom and me went to go look at some more homes. We stopped for lunch and headed out to Eagle Mountain. For anyone that hasn’t been out there… GO. It is beautiful. We looked at a 3 bedroom 2 bath home that was BEAUTIFUL. I feel in love with it the moment I walked into it. It is right on the Ranches Golf Course (my dad and grandpa love that) and it is about 15mins west of Lehi. After this home we went to Saratoga Springs (which is also beautiful) to look at a town home. The town home had 3 bedrooms and a community clubhouse with a pool. It was really beautiful but compared to the house it doesn’t come close. I love that the house feels more like a home and it really felt like that is where we will start our family. Once we move I will be sure and post pictures of the new house.

After we looked at the homes, we went back to my parents and got all packed up. Kallie and Shelby had already left, the Grandma and Mom, and then I left about an hour later. Kallie and Shelby stopped for food so then Grandma and Mom were in the lead. We were all heading for St. George to move Kallie down there for her 2nd year of college (1st at Dixie). Once we got to St. George we had dinner then headed over to Kallie’s to unload the cars. That went by really fast, thanks to some boys that helped sped things up. After that we went to the hotel and went to bed.

The next morning (Sunday) we woke up, had breakfast and headed to the store. We had such a fun time getting all of her groceries and everything she needed for her little home. We had lunch after and then Kallie and I headed to the Apartment to unload and to decorate. We really had so much fun doing all of this together. It made me thankful for the times when I had to share a home with 6 other girls that were CRAZY (don’t ask). Those times prepared me for my husband… haha. Her room is SO cute and she did such a great job this summer saving for her new experience in college.

Good luck Kallie. You are in our prayers and we are so proud of you!!!! Love you!

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