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I really dont know where to begin. So much has happened recently and since the last time I posted that I dont know what to post. So be patient as I get back into the blogging world!!!

First things first….


This little bird will be paying us a visit sometime in September. Yep thats right… We are pregnant! We found out January 7th. We told Garron’s family that night and the next day, but my family was out of town and so we waited till the following Sunday (about 4 days later) to tell them in a fun way.

The story…

We invited my family over for dinner that night. We usually get together for dinner at my parents but we wanted to share the news here so we had everyone over. A couple of days before that, I told my mom we had a fun game that we wanted to play that Garron used to play in scouts! That day was also fast Sunday and obviously I couldn’t fast but Garron was fasting about his job which later I was explaining to my family and I kept having to watch what I was saying to include me in the fast even though I didnt fast…. Did that make sense to anyone??

So after dinner we split everyone into two groups and explained that the game was to pop the ballons and get the papers inside. The first team to figure what the saying was, would win. My family is really competitive so it was hilarious to watch them run back and fourth to the ballons and find the papers and try and figure it out. The papers would spell out… “WE ARE HAVING A BABY”. Once they got to the baby pary (the words were scattered and out of order) my family FREAKED out!!! It was so fun and such a great memory to have.

3.31.09 212

3.31.09 213

3.31.09 203

This is how we are feeling.. a little!

We are SO excited to bring this little one into the world! Its been a rough ride with the pregnancy, however we can’t wait to meet our little baby!



  Tomorrow is my last day at work!!! I really can’t believe it is already here!! A couple of weeks ago, my work hired a replacement for me to train. They wanted to hurry and get someone so that I could train them and have them ready to go by the time I left. Well, they found someone faster then they though so she started about three weeks ago. Her name is Christina and she is doing great. I really cant wait to be out of here. For any of you who know me I HATE my job and these last few weeks have been so hard. Everyone here knows Im leaving so they dont really want to give me things to do, but they dont want me to get paid to just sit here (even though thats what Ive done for the past 9 months!!!). So its been rough and lets just say if I never have to set foot in this place ever again, I will live to be a happy women!!!!

  Anyway, I have put off everything I need to do knowing that what I needed to do wouldnt take too long. Such as, cleaning out my folder on my work computer, cleaning out my desk and taking my stuff home. I probably have put it off because I know I have a ton of junk I need to take home and then it will be on my counter at home instead of on my desk at work. Either way it will get done.

  Packing at home has gone pretty good. I have realized that I dont want to have my house be totally in boxes while Garron is away too. It already feels empty when he is gone and then with packing its pretty much a ghost town in there! Plus, Im pretty much OCD when it comes to organizing so I want to unpack everything from its place, set it out and organize it, then pack it in a box. Am I the only one who does that? I sure hope not! I plan to spend Friday night and all day Saturday actually putting things into boxes.

  My parents have been so great through this whole move. They are always telling us how excited they are to have us there. I really cant wait to be there and get to know my family again. I feel like I have been away from home for FOREVER! They also have been so great to jump up and help us. They are planning on driving two trucks and two trailers down to pack up and drive them back, with all of our stuff. It really means a lot to me that they have offered so much in our behalf. THANKS FAM!

  Garrons family has been great too. They have all expressed in some form how much they will miss us. I have grown to love each family member individually and I am sad at the thought of leaving them. Im sad that we will miss the daily interaction with them. Also, the little things that are big things like Trissa and her running her cross-country meets, the first time Joseph will say certain words, birthdays and chruch meetings. All are just little and yet over time they are the things that have brought our family close. I will never forget this year that I have spent in Las Vegas. We will probably end up back here but for now we know Heavenly Father wants us in Utah.

  We feel so blessed to be able to make this move happen. We thank all of those who have helped us in any way, big or small. We love you!

  We will try and get our internet up so that I can come back to the blogging world and post new pictures of our house.

August 22nd-23rd

Why can’t I ever keep this dang blog updated? Everyday I look at other blogs and stay updated with their day-to-day activities but I can never update my own. I’m thinking that one reason is that my camera is broke and who wants to blog without pictures. Also, my life isn’t that eventful. I’m not pregnant, I don’t have any kids, I work everyday and watch TV every night. But every once in a while I get out and do something.

A couple of weekends ago, my in-laws took me to Zion’s National Park to hike the Narrows. Garron was gone this week for work so they took me in. They are the greatest. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this hike it is a hike in which 85% of it you are walking in water. You hike about 4 miles in to a place called “Wallstreet” where the sides of you are smooth mountains. Like walls on both sides of you. It is beautiful.

At the beginning.

I had a wonderful time with Bryan, Jennifer and Trissa. We left after work on Friday and stayed in a little cheap Motel. It was a little scary at first but once inside, it was kind of cozy. We got up the next morning and had breakfast at a café there, where Trissa and I ate a TON of food. It was pretty tasty. We then headed out to get our special boots. Now these are not pretty AT ALL!!! But they saved our feet and made the hike very enjoyable. After stopping for a short video about the hike and grabbing some goodies, we started our trek. We got to the buses and rode to the last stop. Once there you have about a mile hike to the official “start” of the hike. It is pretty much where the water starts. Haha…



Throughout the hike we were trying to see who would fall first. We predicted Mom (Jennifer) only because she is the shortest and she herself said she would fall first. We got a walking stick to use, which is a must! It totally helps you walk across each part of the river. Trissa and I decided to be brave through some parts and walk in the water where it wasn’t necessary or try and get to the deepest part. On one occasion we were walking up a steady stream and low and behold I FELL! It wasn’t too bad and I didn’t get hurt or very wet, but I did fall. I could have saved it but I chose not too. ~Wink Wink~


Just hiking along……

… and then I fell. Oops

Once we got to Wallstreet, we were so tired. It was beautiful to see and take part of but we were ready to get into some dry clothes and get the boots off. Our bodies starting aching and even my groin started hurting (sorry for the detail). We headed back down and turned in our boots, put on our dry clothes and headed for St. George. We stopped at Pizza Factory for dinner and it never tasted so good! We all slept so good that night.


Trissa and I climbed this rock for a picture!! haha.

Then she had the crazy idea of jumping off it. No thanks!

All of us!!

Thanks Nana and Papa (and Trissa) for such a great time and taking care of me!!!

Last weekend AnaElise and Jim (Garron’s Aunt and Uncle) drove through Vegas. They stayed a night with Garron’s parents and then headed to California for their family vacation. AnaElise has two sisters, one with two kids and one with four kids. Ana and Jim have six so all together there are 13 kids. Also AnaElise’s parents went with them. They have done this for a couple of years and really enjoy it.

On the way back from California, AnaElise and her sisters decided to stay in Vegas for another couple of days or for the week. One of Ana’s sisters lives here now and everyone is staying over at her house. Saturday night we all met up for dinner at PEI WEI. I had never been there before and so I was very excited. Then I remembered that I really cant eat real food. So I pack Jello, Applesauce, and a Fruit Cup and we joined everyone at PEI WEI. We had a blast hanging with the kids and Ana. We dont get to see them too often so it was really fun to spend sometime talking with her. After dinner we headed over to Neilsens Frozen Custard for some ice cream. It was delicious! I can definetly have that!

Hanna and Sara eating the frozen custard

After ice cream we went back to Ana’s sister’s house to drop off kids. We realized that there isnt a whole lot of room for everyone, so we offered to take Ana and her kids to our house. The accepted and we all had a big slumber party at the Combs house.

Garron and Hunter acting pretty silly. Sorry its kinda blurry.

The next morning was church. So I got up and made breakfast for everyone and after we were all ready we headed for church. After church we spent the day relaxing in front of the TV and eating.

Thanks Ann for staying with us and getting a chance to catch up. We love you!

Last Friday night it was Fathers and Sons for our stake. So Garron, papa, Jared, and Benjamin all went camping. This was the first night that Garron and I have spent away from each other since we have been married. I really missed him but Nana had a great idea to get our minds off our boys being gone. Jennifer (nana, Garron’s Mom) invited me to a girls night out. Trissa, Brianna, Emma, and Joseph all came too. We went to Cafe Rio (another one of my FAVORITE places) for dinner and then Trissa, Nana, and I went to go and see the movie Made of Honor. We had such a great time and it was nice to get out of the house. The boys came home the following morning safe and sound (and VERY dirty!!)

Joseph with his Cafe Rio cup.

Joseph with his Cafe Rio cup!

This was at the Theater. They had a display for a new movie coming out. Fun huh?!

And now it’s Trissa’s turn.

We had so much fun on our Girls Night Out! Thanks Nana



Well its official. I have a blog. I’m a blogger! My sister-in-law set this up for me and introduced me to the world of blogging last night. I am so thankful for her and her thoughtfulness. (Is that a word?) I have wanted to get a blog for Garron and I but never knew how to set it up and never really had the time. Its a good thing I have Brianna to show me how it all works. I’m usually pretty bored at work and have way to much time on my hands so Brianna thought it was a good idea to get me into blogging! Little did she know, I was wanting to blog. Thanks Bri!

More to come of Garron and I and more Pictures……….. Stay tuned!


Last Friday Brianna threw me a Bridal Shower!  I had so much fun preparing for this.

Brianna was able to set everything up while having all three of the kids with her.  The kids were actually great helpers when we got to Nana’s and Papa’s, Benjamin more so than the others but they helped out by playing nicely with each other.  After getting most things cleaned up and prepped, Bryan came home from work.  He had his own list of things that he needed to get done before people arrived so Benjamin helped him out a bit.  What an awesome helper!  Here they are working on the back yard so that everythin will look beautiful for the Vegas reception.

Brianna was so thoughtful to try and bring out my wedding colors (pink, brown, and green) by throwing balloons all over the place.  She had a table full of food (I took this picture after the party, not much food left), balloons on the entertainment unit (isn’t it gorgeous) since we used it in the games, and balloons on the new fountain that Bryan bought (darn, I didn’t get a picture of that ( ).

Guests started arriving around 6:00 pm; it was nice to see so many women come to celebrate.  Unfortunately, my mom couldn’t make the trip from Utah, but she sent one of “The Besties” down with a cut-out of her face on a stick.  It was such a cute idea!  They just held the picture up when they were telling me things that they thought my mom would want me to hear.

Brianna wasn’t going to get me a gift, but she knew that the women at the party wouldn’t get me all the presents that I would need.

Needless to say, I was beet-red when I opened her bag.  All the women were cheering when I held it up.  It was some pink lengerie!  Another little thing she picked up was a book called Cuddle Sutra.  Get your minds out of the gutter, it was a book about cuddling!  It was really sweet.  The premise for the book was to find a way to compromise the man’s need to watch the football game but the woman wants to cuddle.  So there are different positions for different situations that might arise in our relationship where we can pull it out and find a compromise!

I was a little anxious to open my mom’s present that she sent down with her picture.  It was three separate bags, numbered in order of which one I was supposed to open first.  I opened the card and it said, “Abby, your father and I are so proud of you.  We love you and wish all the best for you.  Here’s a little something that your father and I want you to wear on your honeymoon.”  I was a little weary because I had just opened Brianna’s present.  I opened it, and found a big, baggy pair of blue flannel pajamas.

I opened the card for the next present.  It said, “This is what you want to wear on your honeymoon.”  Again, a little nervous, I opened a pair of green boxer shorts and a pink tank top.  That’s a little better!

I opened the final card.  It said, “And this is what Garron wants you to wear on your honeymoon.”  That’s when I got nervous.  It was a tiny little present, which just made my nerves even worse.  But, it was a beautiful pair of earrings!  How cute!

The last thing that we did that evening was watch a little video from Garron.  Brianna had previously asked him 25 questions about himself.  She then asked me the same questions to see if I knew what Garron’s response was.  If I got the answer wrong, I had to eat a huge gumball.  I ended up eating 10!  It was so funny, I had juice dripping down my chin and my jaw was a little tired when we were done with the game.

Edit:  I found a cute little video of us all taking the helium balloons outside and letting them go.  It’s a little dark, sorry!

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