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Garron and I had a great weekend. Each weekend it seems like we get closer and closer to one another. I just love spending all day with Garron. He always makes me laugh and even though we dont get a whole lot done, we enjoy just laying on the couch and watching “our shows”.

This weekend started friday night with Garron having to do some things for his calling. Garron is in the Stake Young Mens and so this weekend he had to go to the “Trek Reunion” Garron invited me along and so once I got home we changed and off we were to the church. The Trek Reunion was a get together for all of the youth that went on trek. The split the group up into two groups and did some activites. After that they had a slide show of the trek and then was the Dance Party. I had a lot of fun with the youth. Garron was in the kitchen serving up Root Beer floats while I was where the music was! I probably should have sat down and just watched, but I couldnt take it! The kids I think had a good time. Not a lot of them danced but that is typical I guess. When I was their ages I always danced with my friends but I guess that was just me!

Missy Benites busting a move!

Missy Benites busting a move


Some of the Youth doing the YMCA!!

Group Picture

Another Group Picture

We had a really great time. But we were definetly ready for bed once we left the church. We left around 9:00pm and once we got home we changed into our PJs and watched one of our shows and then went to bed. It was a great night.


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