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Well we are moving…. Its a long story that I will post tomorrow when I am a little more awake but I wanted to post these pictures.

7.6.09 House 001

Right when you walk in

7.6.09 House 002

Hallway to family room

7.6.09 House 004

Family Room and part of the Dinning Area

7.6.09 House 005

My Favorite part… The Kitchen

7.6.09 House 006

Another picture of the Kitchen

7.6.09 House 011

Master Bedroom

7.6.09 House 012

Master Bathroom

7.6.09 House 013

Master Bathroom

We took a ton more pictures of the additional two rooms and the additional two bathrooms, however this is taking FOREVER to load so I will leave you with a picture of the front of the home.

Lehi Townhome

We really love this home. We are sad to leave Eagle Mountain however we know that this move is for the best. Finding this home has also made it easier to make the move. 🙂




I have been using WordPress for some time now but it seems like its so difficult to blog. I have heard so many good things about blogspot that I thought I would give it a try. So the new blog address is

I really dont know where to begin. So much has happened recently and since the last time I posted that I dont know what to post. So be patient as I get back into the blogging world!!!

First things first….


This little bird will be paying us a visit sometime in September. Yep thats right… We are pregnant! We found out January 7th. We told Garron’s family that night and the next day, but my family was out of town and so we waited till the following Sunday (about 4 days later) to tell them in a fun way.

The story…

We invited my family over for dinner that night. We usually get together for dinner at my parents but we wanted to share the news here so we had everyone over. A couple of days before that, I told my mom we had a fun game that we wanted to play that Garron used to play in scouts! That day was also fast Sunday and obviously I couldn’t fast but Garron was fasting about his job which later I was explaining to my family and I kept having to watch what I was saying to include me in the fast even though I didnt fast…. Did that make sense to anyone??

So after dinner we split everyone into two groups and explained that the game was to pop the ballons and get the papers inside. The first team to figure what the saying was, would win. My family is really competitive so it was hilarious to watch them run back and fourth to the ballons and find the papers and try and figure it out. The papers would spell out… “WE ARE HAVING A BABY”. Once they got to the baby pary (the words were scattered and out of order) my family FREAKED out!!! It was so fun and such a great memory to have.

3.31.09 212

3.31.09 213

3.31.09 203

This is how we are feeling.. a little!

We are SO excited to bring this little one into the world! Its been a rough ride with the pregnancy, however we can’t wait to meet our little baby!


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