Garron and Abby Combs

Thanksgiving (a little late??)

Posted on: January 13, 2009


This year we were in Utah again for Thanksgiving. Garron worked like 2 weeks in a row after Australia then Monday through Wednesday the week of Thanksgiving. So I was glad to have him home and spend a couple full days with me!


We went over to my parent’s house that morning ready for our annual football game. Bryce brought a friend and his dad and my grandparents made it to watch. It’s always the same story, the boys pass to the boys and the girls just run around trying to stay warm. But it was fun nonetheless and my team won!! The girl went home after playing for about an hour, to get all the yummy food ready. That is my favorite part. We always have a bunch of snacks to hold us over till the Turkey Dinner. We had a great day and enjoyed the small but cozy family that was there.


Photos to follow to document the great day!



The girls dressed up for fun, however I remained normal!



My brother and my sexy husband playing football. Garron won the game for us!.



Typicall of us… Garron running around and me hanging out making faces!!! Oh the joys!


2 Responses to "Thanksgiving (a little late??)"

oh my….you did not put this picture up! wow! we look retarded!!

That looks like a lot of fun! I love the leaves all over the floor like that. I also love that your sisters dressed up for the turkey bowl! They look so hillarious! Hope you’re staying warm!

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