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Well some of you may know (I blog like a ton of people read this!!), my Grandparents are sending the family to…. drom roll….. HAWAII!!! We will be on the island of Kauai.

I  have never been to Hawaii and therefore, I am so excited. Garron has been I believe twice and my entire family has been at least once so now its my turn!!! My Grandparents are celebrating their 50th anniversary and decided to send everyone. They are flying everyone out, paying for the accomodations and rental cars, and I have a feeling that most of our meals will be covered by them. We are so grateful for my Grandparents. I love them so much! They have always been a major influence in my life and I appreciate the honorable people they are.

We leave for our trip in 11 days on Feb. 3rd and we are there for an entire week. Im looking forward to catching up on my rest and my sun-tan! Im trying to think of an idea for their gift but I am coming up short… Any ideas?


Here are the Grandparents during Christmas. They are full of energy and we love it!


kauai-beach    kauai-island


Short after we moved to Utah my mom had her Young Women’s in Excellence. For those of you that have attended one of these, they are usually filled with embarrassing projects and musical numbers. Well, my mom being the funky Young Women’s President that she is, decided to have a fun night to celebrate the Young Women, complete with a dance by the presidency and cupcakes for dessert. I volunteered to help out with whatever I could. So I manned the sound, helped set up dessert, and cleaned up so mom could chat and mingle. I had a blast and realized that I would LOVE to work in the Young Women’s program.


Here are some fun photos of that night.






Shelby made all of the posters for a Young Women Project.



The Young Women Leaders did a dance and lip synch. Great job ladies!!!




And for dessert- Cupcakes! Everything looked great! Good job Mom!


This year we were in Utah again for Thanksgiving. Garron worked like 2 weeks in a row after Australia then Monday through Wednesday the week of Thanksgiving. So I was glad to have him home and spend a couple full days with me!


We went over to my parent’s house that morning ready for our annual football game. Bryce brought a friend and his dad and my grandparents made it to watch. It’s always the same story, the boys pass to the boys and the girls just run around trying to stay warm. But it was fun nonetheless and my team won!! The girl went home after playing for about an hour, to get all the yummy food ready. That is my favorite part. We always have a bunch of snacks to hold us over till the Turkey Dinner. We had a great day and enjoyed the small but cozy family that was there.


Photos to follow to document the great day!



The girls dressed up for fun, however I remained normal!



My brother and my sexy husband playing football. Garron won the game for us!.



Typicall of us… Garron running around and me hanging out making faces!!! Oh the joys!

 Once we were home from Australia, it was time to get busy looking for a job. Now I had been looking via Craigslist since probably September because I knew we were moving. Well no luck for 2 months! It’s crazy. I hate the job hunting processes. It’s so hard to tell someone in a 15-30 minute interview “I’m really great and you should hire me so I have money!” It’s quite frustrating. Anyway, after searching and searching and getting more and more frustrated, I finally found a job.


I interview with American Liberty Insurance the Monday of Thanksgiving. They said they would let me know by Wednesday. I was so happy that I would have some sort of an answer so soon. Well on Wednesday Steven (my now boss) called and offered me the job. I would start the next Monday.


I currently work for American Liberty Insurance as the General Underwriting Assistant. I work in Provo, which is quite the drive from Eagle Mountain, Monday through Friday 8-5. I’m also on salary which is nice to count on a certain amount every two weeks. Woo Hoo! Yeah for working!



So I know it’s been forever since I have updated the blog. I apologize. It’s been so crazy here with the move and traveling and then the holidays… I just don’t know where to start. So Ill start at the beginning….


We moved to Eagle Mountain, Utah on October 29th, 2008. As posted earlier, Garron got a new job that is based out of Orem, Utah, requiring us to move. We are so excited to start this new chapter in our lives and more exciting is that we can do it together. Oh the joys of marriage! Garron’s Company was so great to let Garron fly out of Vegas for about 2 months while we worked out the financial side of moving. After everything was settled and the truck was loaded, we were on our way to Utah.


The Move

We originally were going to borrow my dad, grandpa, mom and Garron’s parents, to help us move. My mom’s good friend, Anne, has a trailer that she let us borrow and my dad has a trailer from work. We had most everything arranged to use the two trucks and two trailers. Well when it finally came down to it, we decided to rent a truck (Penske) because of the weather and space concerns as well.


Tuesday morning we went down to pick up the truck and Garron made a joke to the salesman to let us rent a 22’ for the same price as the 12’ we ordered. Well I thought the guy would just laugh in our face and say “Heck No, You crazy?” But instead, the gentleman said, “I don’t have any 22’s but I do have a 26’ I could give you for the same price.” Holy cow we were so excited. So we took the offer. We felt so lucky and blessed that we didn’t have to worry about space. We just had to worry about filling it up with gas!


So Garron, my dad, my grandpa, and Garron’s dad all helped us load up the truck. Tuesday night we slept at Garron’s parents for our last night in Vegas, as our whole life was in the truck. Wednesday morning, after some hassle, Garron headed off in the truck around 8:00 am. I was planning on leaving around 9 or 9:30 and then, because I could go faster then the truck, I would either beat or meet Garron at the house about the same time.


Well I still had to do some final touches with the move and I was sure taking my time! I had to run the Post Office and forward our mail. In the mean time, Garron’s dad was so kind to load the little things we forgot from the house, into my car. By the time I got back to the house, everything was ready and I was on my way around 10 am.

On the way up to Utah, I stopped in St. George to have lunch with my sister Kallie. Well she wanted to eat at El Pollo Loco, which I LOVE, but it does take some time. We had a great time but I didn’t end up on the road till about 1pm. So then it was another 4 hour drive to our new home.


Meanwhile, Garron was inching closer and closer to our house and getting more and more mad that I wasn’t close. He ended up getting to the house around 4 and I got there around 5pm. I came with pizza as to offset everyone’s anger towards me. We had a huge group to help us, my mom, my sister and her boyfriend, my two brothers, Garron’s speaker Art and his two boys and then I came to see everything all loaded and boxes ready for me to unload.


Thank you everyone who helped us in the huge process. We couldn’t have done it without you!