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I thought I would write now about Garron’s schedule for the past 3 weeks.

He has been gone for what seems like forever, but I manage to get by. Most of my nights are spent in front of the TV for 4 or 5 hours at a time. All the while, wondering what I can eat next. I miss my Garrbear a ton but I know that once he is home, he will be home for an entire week. Also, from now on he should only go out for one week then be home for another.

So he started in North Dakota


Then he traveled to New Jersey


Then we thought he was going here


But instead he went here:


Each day he does two presentations, one at noon and the other at 6pm. Once they are done with those they usually have dinner, go back to the hotel room or drive to the next town, and then do paperwork. They have to enter some information into the computer and then they can go to bed. Garron usually doesn’t actually go to bed until about 1am. Then they are back up the next day around 8 or 9am.

I love that he is such a hard worker and that he is doing this all for his family. By him working at this new company we are able to start a family soon (which I cant wait for!!). Of course not too soon though.

Thanks babe for all you do for us.


Sunday for Garron was a long and stressful day. He had to fly from North Dakota to Minnesota then to Cincinnati then to New Jersey. Well the first flight went off great. But the second flight was where all the trouble started.

When the pilot went to land the plane, the winds on the ground were around 80mph!! Obviously they couldn’t land the plane and so they continued to fly to another airport in Ohio because they were running low on fuel. Once they landed, there was no indication on the flight plans. Garron said that everyone was so upset and were trying to get answers and couldn’t get any. They ended up staying IN THE PLANE and ON THE RUNWAY for a little over 6 HOURS!!! I know for sure I WOULD GO CRAZY!!!

Well they finally took off to the original airport (which was only a 18 minute flight). Once they got there Garron went to the desk to see how to get to New Jersey. They said that he had to RUN as fast as he could to a certain gate and get on that plane. He ran as fast as he could (he ran in high school, he pretty fast) and when he got there is was just like out of a movie. The lady shut the door on his face, so to speak. He wasn’t able to board. So he was then on Standby for another flight.

Long story short, he got on the plane and headed to New Jersey. The drama doesn’t stop here because his luggage went to New York. From here things get a little hazy. Garron didn’t tell me all of the details. But I think they drove into New York and the luggage wasn’t there and Delta didn’t know where it was. So today he had to go and buy clothes and wait for his luggage to show up. I guess…. UGH!!!

Sorry honey!

My usual daily activities are as follows:

Wake up (7:30)
Get ready for work
Leave for work (8:00)

WORK ALL DAY LONG (8:30-5:00)

Change into PJs


Bed (10:00)
So every night once I get home from work, I slip into some comfy clothes, start dinner, and flip on the tube. Here is what the line up usually consists of. Mind you I have a ton of episodes, of each, recorded. I LOVE DVR!!!
Without A Trace.
I absolutely love this show. It has just the right balance of suspense, drama, and even a little comedy. It also shows what is going on in each of the characters lives. So I find myself falling in love with and hoping that he will fall in love with Samatha and make things work. I just want Jack to get out of his marriage and get on with life. I love Vivian and how she is like the mother to all the other members of the team. And Danny…. Well he isnt really my favorite. He trys to be all hard but he is just too little to play that part. But hs is good none the less.


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

I have A TON of these recorded. It seems that they cant just have one episode a day. They have like 20 of them. I do love this show, but I have to be in the mood in order to watch more than one episode at a time. The show never gives out too much information on the case at hand, so you can feel like you are solving the case right along with them. I know…. Im pretty much lame!!

Jon and Kate Plus 8

This is a GREAT show. Anyone I ask, besides my husband, loves this show. I could go on forever about the family and how great they are, but I will spare the obvious details. My husband would pretty much kill me if he saw that I went into great lenghts on this family. Sigh, Sigh.

Aren’t they just so cute!?

Well that is my line up… I really dont watch regular TV so much. I dont even know when these shows actually are on. All I know is that when my husband isnt home, I have nothing else to do but clean up the “recording list” on the DVR by watching all of them.

August 22nd-23rd

Why can’t I ever keep this dang blog updated? Everyday I look at other blogs and stay updated with their day-to-day activities but I can never update my own. I’m thinking that one reason is that my camera is broke and who wants to blog without pictures. Also, my life isn’t that eventful. I’m not pregnant, I don’t have any kids, I work everyday and watch TV every night. But every once in a while I get out and do something.

A couple of weekends ago, my in-laws took me to Zion’s National Park to hike the Narrows. Garron was gone this week for work so they took me in. They are the greatest. For those of you that aren’t familiar with this hike it is a hike in which 85% of it you are walking in water. You hike about 4 miles in to a place called “Wallstreet” where the sides of you are smooth mountains. Like walls on both sides of you. It is beautiful.

At the beginning.

I had a wonderful time with Bryan, Jennifer and Trissa. We left after work on Friday and stayed in a little cheap Motel. It was a little scary at first but once inside, it was kind of cozy. We got up the next morning and had breakfast at a café there, where Trissa and I ate a TON of food. It was pretty tasty. We then headed out to get our special boots. Now these are not pretty AT ALL!!! But they saved our feet and made the hike very enjoyable. After stopping for a short video about the hike and grabbing some goodies, we started our trek. We got to the buses and rode to the last stop. Once there you have about a mile hike to the official “start” of the hike. It is pretty much where the water starts. Haha…



Throughout the hike we were trying to see who would fall first. We predicted Mom (Jennifer) only because she is the shortest and she herself said she would fall first. We got a walking stick to use, which is a must! It totally helps you walk across each part of the river. Trissa and I decided to be brave through some parts and walk in the water where it wasn’t necessary or try and get to the deepest part. On one occasion we were walking up a steady stream and low and behold I FELL! It wasn’t too bad and I didn’t get hurt or very wet, but I did fall. I could have saved it but I chose not too. ~Wink Wink~


Just hiking along……

… and then I fell. Oops

Once we got to Wallstreet, we were so tired. It was beautiful to see and take part of but we were ready to get into some dry clothes and get the boots off. Our bodies starting aching and even my groin started hurting (sorry for the detail). We headed back down and turned in our boots, put on our dry clothes and headed for St. George. We stopped at Pizza Factory for dinner and it never tasted so good! We all slept so good that night.


Trissa and I climbed this rock for a picture!! haha.

Then she had the crazy idea of jumping off it. No thanks!

All of us!!

Thanks Nana and Papa (and Trissa) for such a great time and taking care of me!!!