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Last Friday Brianna threw me a Bridal Shower!  I had so much fun preparing for this.

Brianna was able to set everything up while having all three of the kids with her.  The kids were actually great helpers when we got to Nana’s and Papa’s, Benjamin more so than the others but they helped out by playing nicely with each other.  After getting most things cleaned up and prepped, Bryan came home from work.  He had his own list of things that he needed to get done before people arrived so Benjamin helped him out a bit.  What an awesome helper!  Here they are working on the back yard so that everythin will look beautiful for the Vegas reception.

Brianna was so thoughtful to try and bring out my wedding colors (pink, brown, and green) by throwing balloons all over the place.  She had a table full of food (I took this picture after the party, not much food left), balloons on the entertainment unit (isn’t it gorgeous) since we used it in the games, and balloons on the new fountain that Bryan bought (darn, I didn’t get a picture of that ( ).

Guests started arriving around 6:00 pm; it was nice to see so many women come to celebrate.  Unfortunately, my mom couldn’t make the trip from Utah, but she sent one of “The Besties” down with a cut-out of her face on a stick.  It was such a cute idea!  They just held the picture up when they were telling me things that they thought my mom would want me to hear.

Brianna wasn’t going to get me a gift, but she knew that the women at the party wouldn’t get me all the presents that I would need.

Needless to say, I was beet-red when I opened her bag.  All the women were cheering when I held it up.  It was some pink lengerie!  Another little thing she picked up was a book called Cuddle Sutra.  Get your minds out of the gutter, it was a book about cuddling!  It was really sweet.  The premise for the book was to find a way to compromise the man’s need to watch the football game but the woman wants to cuddle.  So there are different positions for different situations that might arise in our relationship where we can pull it out and find a compromise!

I was a little anxious to open my mom’s present that she sent down with her picture.  It was three separate bags, numbered in order of which one I was supposed to open first.  I opened the card and it said, “Abby, your father and I are so proud of you.  We love you and wish all the best for you.  Here’s a little something that your father and I want you to wear on your honeymoon.”  I was a little weary because I had just opened Brianna’s present.  I opened it, and found a big, baggy pair of blue flannel pajamas.

I opened the card for the next present.  It said, “This is what you want to wear on your honeymoon.”  Again, a little nervous, I opened a pair of green boxer shorts and a pink tank top.  That’s a little better!

I opened the final card.  It said, “And this is what Garron wants you to wear on your honeymoon.”  That’s when I got nervous.  It was a tiny little present, which just made my nerves even worse.  But, it was a beautiful pair of earrings!  How cute!

The last thing that we did that evening was watch a little video from Garron.  Brianna had previously asked him 25 questions about himself.  She then asked me the same questions to see if I knew what Garron’s response was.  If I got the answer wrong, I had to eat a huge gumball.  I ended up eating 10!  It was so funny, I had juice dripping down my chin and my jaw was a little tired when we were done with the game.

Edit:  I found a cute little video of us all taking the helium balloons outside and letting them go.  It’s a little dark, sorry!


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